How to Peacefully come Home from College for the Summer

By Roy Schneider



 So you’re finally finished with finals, packed up the overgrown piles in your room, found a sublease for your apartment, have a sweet ride or gas money figured out to get back home, made plans to meet with hometown friends and even have a good Pandora station or SoundCloud playlist lined up.

 As ready as you think you may be for this summer’s greatest adventures, here’s one of the most important things you might have not actually prepared for: living with the ‘rents. Even if you’ve lived with your parents your whole life and they still live in the same house, you’re probably less prepared than you may have imagined. The SF Post has you covered.

You may have thought about this between Ethics and Biology homework but a lot has changed since you’ve lived at home and not just for you! Your parents have adjusted to a whole new home life with one less kid around and that means a whole new family dynamic at home, even down to details of who gets the dog playing piece over the top hat in family Monopoly night.

 We want to make sure your plans don’t have any unpleasant surprises so here’s a list of three easy things you can do to be on top of the situation before it even really becomes one:

  1. Get ready to pull your weight

If you imagined returning home to include a glorious grand entrance with lots of praise, attention and hospitality, you probably have been fooled by the same delusions of grandeur that we have. Coming home means more people in the same house sharing a greater amount of chores. If you’re prepared to pull your own weight with the same tasks you handled while at school like laundry and cleaning your room, you’re already on to a solid start. Your parents will not only enjoy your company more but they will also recognize that you are on that right path to becoming fully independent. Trust me, you want this because this means more freedom and less nagging.

  1. Clarify the house rules

 You may come from a family of calendars and charts that organize tasks or you may come from one that simply let’s you know what’s up as needed. Whichever way your family defines responsibilities and rules, use that method to go over the details of your summer ahead of time. Go over subjects like friends, curfew, car privileges, romantic relationships or any other subject that you know may interfere with your parents’ values or may simply have been a guideline from your high school days. As boring as this sounds, think of this as the syllabus review that happens on the first day of class. Going over the structure of the class is really just about avoiding surprises for either you or the professor. So why should the process be that much different than it is with your parents?

  1. Find some work

Trust us, summers of endless screen time are not as energizing and fulfilling as they make themselves seem. You’ll feel like you haven’t continued on with your life and that you’ve wasted the year’s sunniest months. Getting a job couldn’t be a simpler but most effective solution. Not only will a job get rid of too much chill time in your sweats but it will also get rid of the possible feeling of reversed life progress when visiting home. Even better, is that you can expand your network of friends if your parents relocated once you’ve moved or if you haven’t really kept in touch with high school friends. The simplest benefit is the fact that this means spending money. Were you really planning on starting the day by asking mom for $20 like you did in 8th grade? They weren’t. A job can take money out of daily conversations, a subject that could be more sensitive than you think since you’ve been away at school.

Looking for extra brownie points? Show them that you’re doing the adult thing and putting a third of your earnings in a savings account.

All in all, summers are about the beach, buds, boats and bliss. Take our advice and don’t make yours about fights, falling outs, frustration and family tension. Have a great summer Saints!

Why Earth Day should be Everyday

By Luz Fortis


Earth day was this past April 22nd and it’s celebrated with the objective of raising awareness about environmental issues and lifestyle alternatives.  It is still shocking to me, with all the information available through the Internet, and just basic common sense that the need for change in our consumption behavior is still questioned.

Americans consume 1500 plastic bottles per second, and as many of you know plastic can take up to centuries, if not more, to biodegrade. Let’s not forget about all the expenditures of waste management and knowing that the solution is up to us is relieving but at the same time disappointing. I say disappointing because while we have the choice to save our own money, and reduce waste at the same time some of us chose to ignore these alternatives.

I was ironically giggling the other day about a Zephyrhills water bottle wrapping; the corporation takes pride in being “eco-friendly” for creating a one liter bottle with their super eco-friendly effort, a smaller cap. Between giggles and all, I realized we can’t leave the maintenance of our environment to corporations who profit from our over consumption.  Instead we are aware as individuals that we need to take small lifestyle changes that will ultimately make remarkable differences.

Start targeting your plastic consumption by buying a metallic water bottle, and using fabric bags for your groceries. Take the bus, ride your bike or walk every now and then to reduce your oil consumption (nations go to war for you to fill your gas tank, so yeah it’s an important issue).

I encourage you to decide on taking small changes that you can easily adapt to your own lifestyle. Last but not least: don’t forget to spread the word, let’s be optimistic and believe we’re capable of making a difference!

A College Student’s Poem

By Larry Thomas

Another four years of learning experience
But this atmosphere’s different.

Spending useful cash to be with people that are fun, crazy, and wild
In the meanwhile,
Sallie mae’s waiting on a payment that I have to put down

And I have an upcoming exam
Should I care or put my attention towards Instagram?

Or tweet about the biggest party this upcoming week,
These social networks are killing me

This atmosphere’s different
I’m a college student living in it

12 Tips to Help You Survive Community College

By Francesca Badoino


Okay so you didn’t make it to a University. No big deal, you’re a community college student, the next two years you’re going to kick butt in your academics, extracurricular activities, and you might end up being the founder/president of a new club or the Student Body President of your school. I am not here to tell you the obvious (get good grades and do your laundry). No I am here to let you know there are a few mistakes that can’t be repeated.

Here are some helpful tips I’ve learned the hard way while being a college student at Santa Fe College:

  1. Do Not Procrastinate

It’s easier said than done, but procrastinating can cost you your grade at the end of the semester. Do the work when it needs to be done. If not you’ll find yourself stressed at the end of the semester trying to accomplish the impossible before it ends. By procrastinating you’re building a habit of leaving things to last minute, and this habit will follow you into your professional life in the future. It’s your time in college to develop strong time management skills that will help you, to balance your professional life with your personal life. By sacrificing your time on the things you don’t want to do but are important to do, you are teaching yourself self-discipline. People who have self-discipline are more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Point blank don’t procrastinate.

  1. Buy What You Need Not What You Want!

Financial aid loan money is not really your money, they are loans provided by the government to help assist your financial troubles while being a student. This money will have to be paid back with high interest rates. So if you do decide take out loans make sure it’s for need-based reasons not want-based. Sure those beat headphones, new fly kicks and ray bands look nice, but unless it’s coming out of your own pocket don’t buy them.

  1. Roman Noodle Dinners are Never Good Idea

Student’s need to take their nutrition seriously, roman noodle dinners doesn’t make the nutritional cut. In fact, eating a diet highly processed, and saturated with fat will deteriorate your body. This diet will also cause you to underperform physically, mentally, and emotionally. College is the time when you should be preforming at your highest potential. So snack up on clean foods like fresh organic fruits and vegetables. My favorite dinner to make is grilled chicken with baked sweet potatoes, and steamed broccoli. It’s healthy and at $3.75 a plate, it’s affordable.

  1. Coupons are Your Best Friends in College

No seriously, they are your best friends. The misconceptions students have with coupons is that they believe they are time consuming and worthless. No they’re quite the opposite. I spend probably less than 10 minute each week cutting and printing out coupons. While the disbelievers of coupons are saving an average of $7.00 at Publix I am saving $28.00. When you start seeing coupons as money, and you use them on weekly basis, you become a smart shopper. You’ll be fascinated with the amount of money you’ll be saving with a couple of coupons. In Gainesville GatorBucks are the best.

  1. Invest in a Printer

We all know that the library offers printing for ten cents a paper that’s great. What you don’t have is the time to go to the library every time you need to print an assignment. A printer at home will give you more free time to yourself and will help you be more prepared in class. They’re worth the investment.

  1. Exercise even if you don’t have the Time for It!

We all have busy schedules, but making the time for yourself to exercise is as important as anything else on your schedule. Your body works best when it’s getting regular exercise on a weekly basis. Being in tune with your fitness desires will allow you to develop self-discipline, motivation, and confidence. These qualities will help you endure adversities that you will experience as college students. So put on your Nike shoes, plug in your ear buds and go for a jog.

  1. Join Clubs, Organizations and Programs: Point Blank Socialize

It’s important to gain professional experience while you’re at college. Clubs, organizations and programs are the best way to do so. Join clubs that are related to your major, and if there isn’t any create one. Take a prominent position in student government, you’ll gain an endless amount of leadership skills and you’ll rub elbows with students who are as motivated as you are in being successful. Explore the different programs your school offers you, most schools have great study aboard programs and ambassador programs as well. If you’re a Santa Fe College student I encourage you to explore these different programs you’ll be amazed with the resources and assistance Santa Fe College provides to students.

  1. Get a Head Start in Securing Internships

Employers value education and experience. Internships are a perfect way to gain experience in your field as well as getting your name in the market. So start building your resumes and knock on every door you find. Even if it’s a big wooden door with gold handles because in the land of opportunity, anything is possible. So don’t be afraid to knock with a bang.

  1. Don’t Date Partners you don’t see Yourself having a Future with

Now I am not telling you to find the partners you plan to marry, No! When it comes to dating in College It’s about quality not quantity. Establish standards for yourself and your significant other. If they can’t comply they get the boot. So that guy or girl that you date that doesn’t take school seriously might not be the best for you. Good quality, ambitious people are the ones you need to be investing your romantic interest in that plain and simple.

    10. Find a Roommate before you move into your House

Having a roommate is like being a relationship. There are certain rules and obligations you promise that person when you commit to leaving with them. So the most important rule when it comes to roommate housing is finding a roommate that you have chemistry with. What I mean by chemistry is to find a roommate who shares similar values and characteristics that you personally find important. By doing this you’re ensuring that the values you hold most important will be replicated by your roommate as well. For example if you and your roommate prioritize school over everything else, you’ll both be respectful of each other’s study hours. Oppose to having a roommate who would care less about his/or hers education and for that matter your education. Put an ad up and interview different guys, and gals until you find the right one.

   11. Separate Leases are the Best Leases

Let’s say you didn’t choose your roommate and when you finally got one he/or she are not what you expected. You do not want to be held responsible for someone else’s mistake so don’t sign joint leases, separate leases are better. You’re only major financial responsibility should be only your own.

   12. Lastly Have Fun

I know getting into the University of your Dreams is what is most important to you and yeah you’re kicking butt at your academics. But don’t forget to take a break from it all and have fun. Do stuff that makes you happy, whether is hitting up the night scene or taking a hike at your local national park. Don’t forget about yourself, socialize, make new friends, and enjoy your community college years. Good luck!


Quick, Easy, Affordable Recipes any College Student can Afford

By Melissa Gomez

In Gainesville, the cheapest place to buy groceries would be at Save A lot on 13th street. They have great deals and always have reasonable prices.

Crockpot meals under 20$


Pot Roast (makes 2):
 3 T olive oil
2 lb beef roast (any kind, cut into large cubes)
3 Cups beef broth
5 potatoes, cubed
3-4 carrots, sliced

Sprinkle of rosemary, oregano, thyme (whatever seasoning you like…make this recipe your own)

Split all ingredients in half and place in bags. Freeze. Day of cooking grab from freezer, pour all contents into crock pot and cook on high 3-4 hours or low 6-8 hours. Add salt and pepper to taste.

I serve this delicious dish with green beans, a salad, and dinner rolls

Another quick and easy meal:


Cheesy Garlic Chicken (makes 2):
2 large chicken breasts
2 Cans cream of chicken soup
1 Can cheddar cheese soup
1-2 tsp garlic powder
2 T butter
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper

Split all ingredients in half and place in bags. Freeze. Day of cooking grab from freezer, pour all contents into crock pot and cook on high 3-4 hours or low 6-8 hours.

I serve this delectable dinner with angel hair pasta or mashed potatoes. 

More meals to come!

A Gamer’s Summer

By Deon Durr

Calling all gamers! This should be a very interesting summer, racing anti-gravity style, fighting the Akatsuki, doing some major hacking, and battling the evil within. Here’s a list for all my gamers of some of the newly anticipated games for the summer. 

The first game on the list is Watch Dogs, a new open world video game, where you have to hack to fight, and you have to discover who is really running the computer and internet dominated world. The player of the game is paired with Aiden Pearce, who knows how his hacking skills as well as his fist.

Having received a larger number of pre-release awards and nomination many gamers out there have high hopes, and a movie adaption is possibly in development. The game is scheduled for release for this month on May 27th on various systems such as PS3and XBOX 360.


The second game on the list is Mario Kart 8. Mario fans will be happy to know that Mario Kart 8 will be released in May, and it will feature new anti-gravity gameplay while the game also combing elements of Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7, and another cool feature is that you will be able to play online multiplayer mode for up to 12 racers the game is scheduled to be released on May 30th, 2014.


The third game on the list is Naruto is back, and the new game, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution has some interesting things. A new storyline featuring the origins of the Akatsuki, new interactive gameplay, and new animated scenes exclusively for the game, and the game also features over 100 playable characters, and new characters added to the game, and new ultimate jutsus team ups, and another new storyline featuring the origins of Mecha-Naruto. The game is scheduled for release in September 2014 on various game systems.



Finally, the last game on the list is The Evil Within, a new survival horror game, which puts you into a world of unimaginable hell. Portraying a detective who is thrust into a world filled with monster and shadows which hold deadly secrets. The creator of the game says to survive you have to know when to run and when to fight. Will you battle The Evil Within the game comes out in August of this year on various gaming systems such as, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.


Honorable mentions include Batman: Arkham Knight which comes out in October, and follows Batman as he battles various villains such as, Harley Quinn, who wants nothing but revenge. The rerelease of Ultra Street Fighter IV, and a PlayStation Vita release of Borderlands 2. Resident Evil 7 is possibly in development, and could be released sometime in 2015 when an official statement by Capcom is given.

Have a great summer gamers!



Spending Summer in the Ville?

 By Natalie Aquilia

Are you about to jump into some summer classes instead of the ocean? If you are one of the brave students to embark on the accelerated summer courses you may be worried about having a dull summer. HAVE NO FEAR. There is ton of fun stuff going on in Gainesville and around it.

Now I know most of us are counting change to even go out to dinner but I’ll be giving you some hot spots that are not only affordable but also enjoyable.

If you are interested in helping the community there are numerous volunteer opportunities that would love your help. If you love kids and animals I recommend volunteering at the After School Gators Program and the Halie’s Angel Pet Rescue organization.

If you are looking for some nightlife fun make sure to check out midtown and downtown on select nights and check prior to see if there is cover. My favorite place is Cantina and Simons night club.

Not too far up the road in High Springs is Ginnie Springs, a relaxing and unique get away you can take with your friends to get some fun in the sun.

Also many apartment complexes have pools take advantage of some tan time and make sure to check out when complexes are having pool parties to join in on. Cabana beach is known for their pool parties so check them out.

There are so many fun places to go to get the best experience you can this summer, so get out and make some plans.

Student Government; What You need to Know about the Events Student Government will Host

By Erika Collazos

Student Government is designed with students in mind and everything we do is guided toward improving your experience as a student on campus.

Summer is now here and Student Government has a couple of events lined up to make this summer one to remember! With the new Leadership Team taking on their very important roles, this upcoming year is definitely one to look forward to!

Michael Chartier is your new Student Body President and Austin Browning is your new Student Body Vice President and I can assure you that they both have great ideas in mind for Santa Fe.

As the year continues, we will keep everyone updated on what’s going on around campus and what Student Government has to offer.

The SGP Finance Chair and Events Chair have great plans to keep everyone entertained.

So stay tuned for great insights! If anybody has any questions please feel free to ask them or stop by the Student Government suite in the S building. I’m looking forward to a great summer here at Santa Fe and I hope all of you are as well!

SOS Venezuela

By Pablo Aguirre

Since February 12th 2014, Venezuelan students have taken the streets to protest against the economic and social chaos on which the country lives today. The government response was to brutally repress the demonstrators, leaving many deaths, and thousands of injures.

Shortages of basic needs in the country have reach pharmacies and hospitals making it impossible to help the ones injured by the protests.

This week the Supreme Court imposed a new regulation regarding the citizens’ right to protests. The regulation establishes that municipality majors must previously authorize citizens’ protests, and if these senior officials do not give such authorization, protests cannot legally take place. This violates the Venezuelan Constitution, which states, “All citizens have the right to protest.”

How can we help Venezuela in these times? We can first start by bringing awareness to our community.The media around the world has failed to shed light on the recent tragic events occurring in Venezuela. So we need to do it for them. A student from UF made a YouTube video called, “What’s going on in Venezuela in a nutshell” which went viral with now 3 million views!

Students have the power of social media which helps spread the word. Just simply hashtagging “sosvenezuela” and “prayforvenezuela” on social networks like Instagram can help bring awareness all over the world. Your voice can be heard so share your support.  

Keep in mind that any bit of help counts. We are blessed with freedom; why not help others experience it?

Local Santa Fe College Student Trains for the Olympics

By Francesca Badoino

On a rainy September morning, Billy Jean ignored the noise of water droplets pounding on his track jacket. Instead, he focused his attention toward the stomping sound of his footsteps as they pounded the wet pavement.   

Billy Jean remembers these details as he recounts the day he met his current trainer who changed his life.

That morning, he completed his 6:30 a.m. daily routine of stretches, warm-ups, and laps.  

Byllingston Jean, age 23, nicknamed “Billy Jean,” moved to Gainesville, enrolled at Santa Fe College, and can now be seen running every morning on the Santa Fe track field.

Last spring, Jean lost his scholarship and was kicked off the track team of Notre Dame because of a medical injury that prevented him from running track that semester.

The Haitian native did not lose hope in his dreams to one day compete in track at the Olympics. He continues to run track in Gainesville where he trains for his specialty, the 100 meter dash.

 On that morning, Jean decided to approach a man who had been training a 13 year-old girl at the Santa Fe track field.

That man happened to be former Olympian track champion Tim Montgomery.

Jean approached Tim asking him for advice on his form, routine, and nutrition.

“I want to run again,” Jean told Tim as he asked him to be his trainer.

Tim did not hesitate and is now currently training Jean through his Nike sponsored program NUMA Speed.